mannatech reviews

mannatech reviews

Avant is really a self awarness company launched by former Liberty League International co-founder Brent Payne. In light of the similarities to Liberty League and the fact that Liberty League ultimately ran its course, the logical question to ask is actually the Avant business structure is viable. This MLM review provides my own, personal personal thoughts in answering that question.

Regulatory Considerations

Avant has avoided use of the 2-up compensation model that was section of the original Liberty League model and which initially built them into such an easy target for regulators. However that doesn't mean they're free.

For me, the single biggest downside to this business model is always that most customers won't repurchase. Sustainable, long lasting business growth originates from building a loyal client base which happily repurchases products with time; this is actually the best way by which businesses survive and prosper on the long term.

The issue becomes: are home study courses and conferences truly consumable goods that customers will continue to repurchase? Historically, the reply is no.

Individuals will pay significant money for private development events without an home business opportunity attached - the prosperity of people including Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor or organizations such as Peak Potentials proves this. However, those events are generally built around highly recognizable speakers using a significant "celebrity" status. Even then, the repeat customer base is decidedly modest.

The purchase price point of the products is really how the vast majority of customers are distributors wishing to qualify themselves for the compensation plan. This creates real questions about the retail viability with the products. Historically for such products, where there no income opportunity attached most people are not wanting to pay the price for your products.

This has generally been the truth for all of the so-called top tier opportunities. This creates tremendous pressure to continually recruit new distributors to be able to take care of the viability of the income model. The lack of the best retail customer base - and consider there is certainly significant movement within the industry towards a voluntary 70% retail rule to appease the regulators - implies that if Avant survives of sufficient length and does well, it's going to almost assuredly attract close regulatory scrutiny.

Evaluating the Avant Opportunity

Historically, there's been big bucks manufactured in the private development industry using multilevel marketing. Companies including Liberty League (now Polaris Global), Life Path, and Wealthmasters (even though they are something of your hybrid) all participate in the top tier network marketing space having a give attention to self improvement. In every of such companies, there's a small couple of individuals who have become successful and made very significant income. Few however have been able to perform so for a sustained time frame as a result of must constantly recruit new distributors.

In the event the Avant goods are just like that relating to Liberty League, Life Path and Polaris, i then expect the events will be generally done well and definately will truly make a direct effect for anyone those who really decide to make use of the information. Brent Payne has always consistently delivered solid events and I see no reason never to believe he'll continue doing so again.

mannatech reviews

The short-term earning potential with Avant is very significant and also the introduction of your residual override pool, certainly the opportunity earn ongoing recurring income provides improvement over the initial Liberty League model. However, unless Avant is able to break the historical personal growth pattern of customer and distributor attrition, my own opinion is always that you will see an insufficient legitimate (meaning non-distributors) retail client base in the long term.


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